2012 Elevation Chardonnay

2012 Elevation Chardonnay

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We fondly called this one the 'acid bomb' as the high acidity was quite something in 2012.  Now seven years later you have an elegant, crisp Chardonnay reminiscent of a chablis.

Variety:  100% Chardonnay

The Vineyard: 

Anarchist Vineyard was planted in 1985 to Chardonnay, unknown clone.  It catches water draining off the mountain as it makes its way to the water system below.  These own-rooted vines enjoy this water for most of the year, the rest of the year the vineyard is serviced through drip irrigation.



Anarchist mountain overlooks the town of Osoyoos at the southernmost tip of the Okanagan Valley. 

Osoyoos enjoys the most amount sunlight, heat units and frost free days of any Canadian geographical region.   At an altitude of 1700 ft the vineyard sits in a temperature inversion giving it a unique climate of very high daytime temperatures but maintains a cool acidy from low temperatures at night.

 Very late spring much like 2011 but had a warm lasting summer


Vineyard Operations:

The shaggy canopy is kept clean and placed vertically in a Pandelbogen cane pruning style.  Water management  was used stop the vegetative cycle and to encourage the vines to produce the widest possible flavor profile in the hopes that it would be reflected in the wine it produces.


100 % fermentation in French Oak program, 33% new.

 The barrels were chosen for their ability to highlight brighter apple and citrus flavors and explore a more Northern winemaking style.


Viticulturist: Andrew Stone


 Brix at Harvest: 23

 Alcohol:  14% 

Residual Sugar: <1.0 g/L Titratable Acidity: 7.95 g/L

pH: 3.26

ML: partial